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Books by Jim Clark

Books are no longer available for purchase through my website. They are available on other websites such as
The Ultimate Guide to Digital Nature Photography: Essays and Images by the Mountain Trail Photo Team.
"Today's digital cameras are wonderful creative tools for nature photographers, but they can be a challenge to master—a problem that is thoroughly solved by the lessons provided in this guide by 10 of the most respected nature photographers in America, including Jim Clark. Representing the knowledge of professionals who have produced photography books and calendars, worked for nature magazines, and taught hundreds of photography workshop students, the book offers a step-by-step approach to improve both artistic vision and technical skills."
Coal Country: Rising Up Against Mountaintop Removal Mining

Like the powerful film on which it is based, Coal Country gives voice to the growing chorus of protest against mountaintop removal mining in Appalachia through a collection of essays, oral histories, and images. It features many of the personalities from the film in their own words, as well as thoughtful essays by a wide range of eloquent contributors, from writers Wendell Berry, Silas House, and Denise Giardina to entertainers Ashley Judd, Loretta Lynn, and Kathy Mattea. Illustrations include contemporary photographs by Jim Clark of this still beautiful region, as well as images of Appalachian mining and culture.

Between Ocean and Bay: A Celebration of the Eastern Shore
Essays and Photographs by Jim Clark
Mountain Trail Press 

"This new book takes his work to a new level. It really showcases a whole range of life along the Eastern Shore, offering glimpses into this area that only a true naturalist can offer, and the photography is that of an artist who has truly mastered the medium." Rob Sheppard, former editor Outdoor Photographer Magazine.

The Adventures of Buddy The Beaver: Buddy Explores the Pond
Story & Photography by Carson Clark (with a little help from his Dad - Jim Clark).
Offering a child's perspective of the natural world through the lens of a youth photographer, this story follows Buddy the Beaver around his pond. As Buddy’s experiences unfold, his friends are introduced—Dawn the fawn, Cheeks the chipmunk, Larry the land snail, and Carrots the rabbit—and each animal’s relationship to the environment is explained. With vibrant photography and informative text, the beaver pond and its inhabitants come to life.

"Through the eyes and imagination of a young boy, Carson Clark has crafted a magical story about friendship, the joys of nature, and the importance of wetlands. I can’t wait to read more adventures of Buddy the Beaver. Congratulations Carson, on a job well done!"  - Jeff Corwin, Wildlife Biologist, Executive Producer and Host for Discovery Networks, including Animal Planet's “Jeff Corwin Experience” and “Corwin's Quest”
The Adventures of Buddy The Beaver: Mystery of the Missing Friends
Story & Photography by Carson Clark and his Dad - Jim Clark
 Once again, join Buddy the Beaver as he explores the world around his pond, this time to unravel the mystery of his missing friends. Meet Buddy’s new friends and reconnect with his old friends, including Peeps the Spring Peeper, Norman the Bald Eagle, Blake the Black Bear Cub, and many others
“Ever wonder what happens to your favorite animals during those long, cold months of winter?  This book answers that question for all ages, with fine photos from Carson and his dad to match. This story takes us to the pondside to sit, think, and wonder.  Joel Sartore, Contributing Photographer, National Geographic Magazine
“Carson is a wildlife champion. He brings a fresh new perspective to wild places and wild things. His gift and passion brings hope for his generation as he is certainly a driving force of the future of conservation and has the ability to inspire others to do the same.”  Casey Anderson, Naturalist and Executive Producer/Host of National Geographic’s “America the Wild” and “Expedition Wild.”
Mountain Memories: An Appalachian Sense of Place
Written and Photographed by JIm Clark. Foreword by Kathy Mattea
"How do we take this innate sense of what is West Virginia, and impart it to someone who may never have visited there?  How do we articulate what makes us love it so?  Jim Clark has done this for all of us." Kathy Mattea- Two Time Grammy Award Winner and Country Music Association Artist of the Year
West Virgnia: The Allegheny Highlands
Written and Photographed by Jim Clark. Foreword by Virginia Marie Peterson
"With an Ansel Adams talent for photography and an Aldo Leopold passion for wild lanscapes, Jim Clark provides a most rewarding trek through West Virginia's stunning high country."

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