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From bags to triopods to editing softtware

Photography & Environmental Organizations


Defenders of Wildlife
The one environmental organization that is really working hard to protect our nationís natural heritage. This organization focusís its efforts on the accelerating rate of extinction of species and the associated loss of biological diversity, and habitat alteration and destruction. Long known for their leadership on endangered species issues, Defenders of Wildlife also advocates new approaches to wildlife conservation that will help keep species from becoming endangered. Carson and I work a lot with Defenders including assisting in their annual conservation workshop in Yellowstone.

I use Epson printers for my printing, including the Epson 4000. The quality of the prints is amazing.

Manfrotto Imaging
Another sponsor of Carson's photography projects, we use Bogen's Manfrotto and Gitzo tripods exclusively.

North American Nature Photographers Association
The only international organization dedicated solely to nature photography and photographers. I am a charter member and I had the honor of serving as NANPA President in 2002. Itís worth considering joining if you are really interested in improving your nature photography skills, if you want to meet others from around the world with the same passion for nature and photography, and if you are really intent on making nature photography a part-time or full-time career. I owe this organization so much for what it has helped me achieve over the years. The annual summits are a wonderful week of learning, networking, and inspiration. In 2010, Carson was the opening keynote speaker at their annual meeting in Reno, Nevada. Consider attending not only the annual conference, but NANPAís many road show seminars and regional forums. They are informative and fun.

Outdoor Photo Gear
A great place to find a wide selection of outdoor photography gear!

Rob Sheppard
Rob was for many years editor of Outdoor Photographer Magazine and he currently serves as editor-at-large for the magazine. The author/photographer of more than 30 books, Rob travels the country teaching, speaking, and leading tours and workshops. Rob gave me my first assignment with OP and later, added me to the masthead as a contributing editor. Since that time Iíve had 27 articles in OP, including writing profiles about some of the worldís top nature photographers. Rob has been a mentor, colleague, and now dear friend, and we share a passion not only for nature photography, but nature. We both infuse a healthy dose of natural history teaching in our workshops and presentations. Rob has invited me to contribute articles to his new nature and photography blog site.

Singh-Ray Filters
A great assortment of filters. Top quality glass and solid construction. I love the vari-neutral density filters.

Home of some great accessories for the nature photographer, I use their Plamps for my macro and wildflower photography. The fine folks of Wimberley have supported Carson's and my photography for several years now. Be sure to check them out for flash brackets, plamps, and other photographic accessories. If you are a serious wildlife photographer, then you must invest in their wonderful Wimberley tripod head. For my 600mm f/4 Nikkor lens, I use the Wimberley Version II.


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