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My Child in the Woods

A five part series by Jim Clark.

My Child in the Woods: Part I
Each summer my son Carson and I take off on a week-long journey in June to explore some of our favorite places in West Virginia. This is a time for father and son to take it easy, discover new things, eat what we want, and spend time as best buddies.   This past June we visited the usual... [Read More]
My Child in the Woods: Part II
In 2006, I was invited to be the close-out speaker at a conference at the National Conservation Training Center in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. The conference theme – Reconnecting People to Nature - was focused on why there has been a rapid decline in people’s interest and... [Read More]
My Child in the Woods: Part III
There has not been a time in my life where I wasn’t in love with nature. From my pre-school days playing with toy animals and those 100 piece farm sets complete with farm animals and a metal barn, to my first set of binoculars and my very first copy of Roger Tory Peterson’s Field... [Read More]
My Child in the Woods: Part IV
From the moment he was born, our son Carson has been witness to the amazing world of nature. From bird banding, to hiking in West Virginia, to crawling into an abandoned wolf’s den in Yellowstone, and now, helping me with my nature and photography programs, Carson has had lots of fun. Sure,... [Read More]
My Child in the Woods: Part V
One of the most enjoyable aspects of nature photography is that it gets me out into this wonderful world. A surprise or two will also be discovered around each corner of the trail or bend in the road. Mountain Memories will serve as my conduit to share with you my experiences exploring some of my... [Read More]


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