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Welcome to Jim Clark Photography!

If you love nature, life, and a bit of photography, then you have arrived at the right place.
My philosophy in nature photography is simple: Enjoy the time you have in nature, whether or not you capture a single image. It is the moments of nature I experience and the memories I gather that matter the most.
Polar Bear - Churchill Wildlife Management Area, Manitoba © Jim Clark
For me nature photography is not a means to an end, but instead, another avenue that gets me into the field. Photography is a tool that helps me convey to others the wonders of nature. Whether in Yellowstone National Park or just outside my door, nature fascinates me to no end. I hope it does the same to you. Be sure to check out my new blog site, too!

Sunday, April 10 - Pictures with a Pro - Nature Photography Workshop - Road Scholar Program - Chincoteaue Bay Field Station - Wallops Island VA



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